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Strymonic Gulf

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Asprovlata Stavros Volvi Vrasna Amfipoli Amphipoli Olympiada Ofrinio Ofrynio Orfani Strimonikos Stagira Stratoni Kerdylia

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Strimonian Gulf Strymonian Gulf Strimon Gulf Strymon Gulf Strimonikos Strymonikos Vrasna Ofrinio Stavros Orfani Olympiada Amfipoli

If you're dreaming of a relaxed vacation with Old Greece charm in a nice resort with a blue flag beach directly on the Aegean Sea. The Strymonic Gulf is the perfect choice for you.
The Strymonic Gulf has about 40.000 Inhabiters in the Winter and about 200.000 in the Summer. A lot Accommodation will you welcome in the white coast of the Strymonic Gulf in Macedonia Greece.

The center of the Strymonic Gulf or Strimonian Gulf are the two large Villages Asprovlata and Stavros. Asprovalta has the largest City Center in the Region. Asprovalta Beach 003Over 300 Stores are in the Center of Asprovalta. You will find everithing you wish. Stavros and Ofrinio have to a lot of Consumer Shops. Covering a stretch of over 40 km, the beaches of the Strymonic Gulf belong to the districts of Asprovalta, Stavros and Ofrinio
Around Lake Volvi, (Map) there are many romantic resorts with a huge choice of different accommodation. In addition the region offers a great variety of excurions and activities. Near the Strymonic Gulf are a lot other interesst Natural atractions, like the Cave of Alistrati or the Canyon of the river Angitis, the wide Woods of Chalkidiki and many other interest Points.  The Cosmopolitan City of Thessaloniki is only 40 minutes from the Strymonic Gulf.
Motorways, National Roads and a lot of Bus-Connections make the Strymonic Gulf a central position for many tours.Two international Airports are near the Gulf, Makedonia International Airport in Thessaloniki is about 40 minutes km far and the Airport Alexander the Great in Kavala is about 45 minutes far. present:

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